Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 7&8 Fly & Ornament

Day 7

i am so far behind in my quest to complete the Creativity Boot Camp...what kind of creative soldier am i that i can't even keep up with this type of boot camp...shame on me...ha!
there are so many reasons why i'm so tardy in participating...but the main reason is because life + busybee stuff always have my attention these days...this is the only time i can play 'catch-up' with all the WIPs going around here~close to midnight...i'm also tuckered out but i'm determined to post this here and to the groups...
The daily word prompt is "FLY." i interpret it as "time truly flies when you're having fun!"
to me this photo awakens all of my senses... eyes, ears, throat, name it!

this picture says it all...this is what helps me relax and gets my juices flowing to create
...a good cup of tea surrounded by sweet lovliness...

Day 8
'Something that lends to grace and beauty,'
here is my pink eiffel tower. i love creating these eiffel towers and
to me they are so ornamental and filled with grace and beauty...
really nice for wedding favors or even potential heirloom pieces.

well, it's already pass midnight and pretty soon, i've got to make breakfast for my guessed it...waffles!
bonne nuit


lolo said...

What a lovely blog!! And these colors are just so PRETTY! I think I'll get back quite soon. :)

Rhondamum said...

I love your photos and the theme of how time flies. It sure does, doesn't it! Especially with little munchkins. And you KNOW I had to comment on the Eiffel Towers! The one you made for me sits proudly in my studio. It will always be a treasure to me, along with all of the other goodies you sent to me, of course. But you do know how I love my Eiffel Towers! I really think you should become a professional photographer. Your layouts are always so perfect! xoxo R...