Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 6 Fluid

Break Rules/Get out of Comfort Zone
I. love. photography. (check my flickr set here)
But I'm not a professional.
I enjoy taking pictures of still life more than people. I like to find beauty
in everyday objects and capture its beauty in a snapshot.
I usually like to style my objects in simple ways. I usually work with food, inanimate objects, buildings, nature, anything still~well because it usually doesn't 'move'...and I find its beauty somehow in the way its positioned or how the light reflects on the object etc.
But, today's exercise is different.
We need to get out of our comfort zone & break some of our rules in how we create...
I am not very good in photographing people. Well, because they usually 'move' and they get tired and complain just a lil' bit...y'know...'oh c'mon...isn't that the millionth time you snapped your camera?' or 'you've got to be kidding...another shot?' or 'are we done yet?'
My 'still' objects never complain (unless its ice-cream or something ready to drop etc.)
(In America's Next Top Model, I wonder if Nigel (the photographer)
gets these complaints, too?!)
So, I'm getting out of my comfort zone and taking some 'people' shots...
specifically moving shots all dealing with our assignment word 'Fluid' (I thought about how in taking pictures you need to have 'Fluidity' and how quickly you need to capture those magical shots~ esp. when your object is moving. I also used water to capture some of those 'Fluid' flowing photos...(hey, can you say that fast-10 times (Fluid Flowing Photos...Fluid Flowing Photos...?)
This was a fun exercise...I kinda like 'still' life a lil' bit better than 'people' shots
but y'know what they say:
practice makes perfect!
bonne nuit

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Dionne said...

These shots are great, hun! I love them all! Good on you for breaking out of the norm!