Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 12 Smooth

Day 12
"SMOOTH" go here for more interpretations.

Do you dream?
I know I do. I've got a few that have already come true.

Why can't my other ones come true? What's holding me back?

Today, we're supposed to think about what 'small baby steps' can we take
to 'clear those paths' to reach those impossible dreams...
hmmm....I'm still thinking...

Until I can put my fingers on those 'small baby steps' here's my
'Smooth' interpretations...

"smooth dreams"

"smooth hand"

"smooth stepping stones"

bonne nuit


Gracie said...

This is so beautiful! I love that you are challenging yourself creatively. I really hope your other dreams come true!

And thank you so much for your absolutely beautiful and thoughtful comment. I've really missed you here in blog land. I really am so glad that you are back.

I do hope everything is going well with you!

You're so lovely!

Dionne said...

These are lovely. You have such a great eye!